2011 Brewery District Master Plan
A Strategy for Repopulating Cincinnati's Brewery District

The 2011 Brewery District Master Plan Mission

To envision investment and development opportunities for businesses and real estate developers that will be supported by the neighborhood, and that will help guide efforts for physical public improvements to accommodate such development.

In early 2011, we decided to revise the urban plan we developed in 2006. We wanted a professionally driven plan that sought targeted input from key stakeholders, and that was professionally driven. We composed a Planning Committee, and hired the Cincinnati architectural and Urban Design firm, glaserworks, to help prepare the plan.

Our goal was to prepare a plan that would implement both the mission of the BDCURC organization, and the Master Plan noted above. We wanted the Master Plan to be knowledge-base driven by people who are familiar with the Brewery District area, and who have expertise in a wide range of fields. We sought to gather ideas openly and vet those ideas rigorously. The resulting plan and its Initiatives are based on those ideas, what we know about the neighborhood and what we know about urban planning practices that are feasible and have proven to work.

The Planning Committee and our consultant first sifted through the information obtained at the Workshop. We summarized and clarified, and then evaluated ideas for their viability, impact, immediacy, cost, benefit and partnering potential.

We also reviewed other resources such as the Over-the-Rhine Comprehensive Plan of 2002, the AIA Brewery District Charrette of 2009, and interviews with key individuals.

We gave further study to the best ideas and focused on how to achieve them. We identified potential, specific outcomes and partners, and melded some ideas into groups of Initiatives. We determined a coordinated strategy. Then we categorized the Initiatives into three main areas based who will implement each:

  • We’ll Do It - Initiatives under taken primarily by the BDCURC
  • Partnering - Initiatives undertaken by the BDCURC in partnership with others
  • Encouraging - Actions taken by others at the urging of the BDCURC

In order for the Brewery District CURC to achieve the greatest impact on real estate development we should focus efforts on just a few key areas, in specific locations. Our strategy is to make early development snowball into greater, more expansive development later.

We have devised this strategy based on the objectives that our first and largest efforts should be selected for their likelihood to be catalytic, their potential immediacy, and their conspicuous proximity to already established areas of activity or eminent development.

The Initiatives

We’ll Do It:



By understanding, celebrating and capitalizing on our heritage, we will connect people with our neighborhood. We will bring them here and let them see and smell our buildings - inside and out. We will build on their curiosity. We will build a market of residents and businesses from those who had been only visitors. By making better places, and solving development problems, we will attract new investment. We will provide fertile ground for new business and residents. We will make the Brewery District a sought after neighborhood for those who can choose to live, work or employ anywhere.

We will repopulate our neighborhood.

You can be a part of this effort. With guidance by the Board, each initiative has a committee charged with research, development of detailed plans, and implementation. Visit the page for each initiative to learn more.

A current schedule of committee meetings is HERE.

A detailed PDF of the 2011 Master Plan (version 1.2) is available HERE (file is 23MB).